What Factors to consider when buying nitrous oxide tanks?

What to consider when buying nitrous oxide tanks?

Are you looking to garnish your desserts with whipped cream but with faster results? You need a nitrous oxide tank and a pressure regulator. But the question is, how do you choose the right N2O tank and whipped cream chargers? What factors should you consider? This kitchen accessory (whipped cream charger) is not as simple as it looks.

Choosing the right nitrous oxide tank is hard if you need to know what to look for. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some factors you should consider when buying an N2O tank:

But first thing first.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide, also known as dinitrogen monoxide, laughing gas, or nitrous, is a colorless, sweet-smelling gas. In culinary uses, it is commonly used as an aerosable agent in whipped cream canisters and as a propellant in food-grade aerosable applications with the formula N2O.

Nitrous Oxide tank

When the N2O gas is released, it expands rapidly, which whips the cream and helps create the fluffy, stable whipped cream you know and love. Usually, nitrous oxide is used in whipped cream(food-grade) canisters because it’s less expensive than other propellants, such as CO2.

The kitchen gadget is also commonly used in car racing. When inhaled, it can cause feelings of euphoria and lightheadedness. That’s why it’s sometimes called “laughing gas.

Now that you know what nitrous oxide is, let’s move on to the factors you should consider before buying a tank.

Factors to consider before buying Nitrous Oxide Tanks:

There are countless options in the market for Nitrous oxide tanks commonly used for culinary needs. Choosing a high-quality and cost-effective Nitrous tank that gives your whipped cream a fine texture can be challenging. Here are some factors to consider.

1) Use: Domestic or Industrial:

The N2O tanks come in two forms, namely domestic and industrial. Domestic canisters are usually 8g Nitrous oxide which is ideal for home use. For instance, if you are making whipped cream for home baking, an 8g tank is the right choice. On the other hand, commercial tanks are more powerful and contain over 640g of Nitrous oxide.

These are ideal for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial kitchens. These are far better than domestic canisters in terms of power and volume. So, you need to know what type of use you have before buying an N2O tank. But going for 640g is the best choice because even if you use cream chargers at home, purchasing the larger tank will make sure that you don’t run out of power.
We have covered an article to compare why you should go for a 64g nitrous oxide tank over 8g.

2) Check for Compatibility With your Whipper

Most people ignore this factor until they purchase the tank and realize it’s incompatible with their whipper. Different whipped cream dispensers use different threadings on their tanks. So, make sure that you check the threading of your whipper before buying a tank.

Most brands have standard threading, although some may need an adapter. They require a pressure regulator that fits the threading of your whipper. A pressure regulator helps you control the amount of pressure and volume of nitrous oxide released into your whipper. This way, you don’t waste gas and get your desired results.

3) Authenticity of the Platform

It might seem obvious, but you need to ensure that the platform from which you are buying the N2O tanks is authentic and reliable. There have been cases of fake nitrous oxide tanks being sold online and in stores. These fake products have low-quality material, are not tested for safety, and can cause accidents. So, it is always best to buy from a reputable store or online platform, so you don’t compromise on quality and safety.

Here at Cream Deluxe, we offer cream chargers with up to 2000g capacity that produce whipped cream in batches to make your cakes, pies, cakes, and cupcakes more presentable than ever.

4) Skim Through Online Reviews

People often trust online reviews more than anything else. And why not? Reviews are the best way to learn what others think about a product and get an idea of its performance and quality. You can skim through online reviews to get an idea of how well a particular nitrous oxide tank performs and if it’s the right choice for you. But make sure that the reviews are genuine and not sponsored or biased in any way.

Cream Deluxe offers quality Nitrous Oxide tanks to make your desserts look more appreciable and unique with the soft and whipped creamy (food-grade) texture.

5) Capacity of the Tank

Gone are the days when people relied on small 8g nitrous oxide tanks for whipped cream and cooking needs. Nowadays, larger 640g or bigger tanks are also available in the market. The larger tanks are obviously more expensive than the small ones, but they will save you money in the long term.

The bigger tanks last longer and provide enough gas to make larger batches of whipped cream or other recipes. So, when deciding what capacity you need, consider how often and in what quantity you will be using the tank.

6) Bio-degradable and eco-friendly packaging:

Firstly, you must consider sustainability and eco-friendly factors while buying N2O gas tanks. The larger Nitrous oxide tanks (615-2000g) are more durable and can be used for a few days at home if you make cupcakes, pie cakes, and other desserts with whipped cream. Secondly, larger steel tanks are more accessible to dispose of than smaller ones. 

                                                Nitrous Oxide cream charger

Cream Deluxe offers Nitrous Oxide tanks of 2000g that are easy to dispose of even in your kitchen trash bins. These nitrous kits are not legal for excessive use, so they should be disposed of properly to make an environment nitrous-safe.

7) Type of Nitrous Oxide Gas

The type of Nitrous Oxide gas is another factor you should consider when buying a tank. There are two types of N2O gas: food and non-food. Food-grade nitrous oxide gas is a higher-quality gas, and it is usually used in commercial kitchens because of its purity. Non-food grade gas is used in home kitchens and is not as pure. For instance, non-food grades are intended for car racing or medical purposes. These tanks don’t meet the standards of food preparation and can cause health hazards.

So, make sure that you buy the right type of N2O gas for your needs. Another point to keep in mind is that a non-food grade nitrous system contains more impurities and can cause adverse reactions if consumed.

8) Price Range

The price of nitrous oxide tanks varies depending on the capacity and type. Smaller 8g and 16g tanks are more affordable than larger ones, but they will be more expensive in the long run. So, make sure that you consider the price range and your requirements before buying a tank. The larger tanks may be more expensive, but they will last longer, and you won’t have to buy more tanks frequently. This can help you save money in the long run.

9) Quality of the Tank

Another important factor you should consider when buying nitrous oxide tanks is the quality of the tank. Make sure that the tanks you buy are made from high-quality materials and have undergone stringent quality checks. They should also be tested for safety standards before being sold. Low-quality tanks can be dangerous and may cause accidents if handled improperly. Also, check for any warranties or guarantees that come with the tanks. This will ensure that you don’t have to deal with any defective tanks in case of an accident or malfunction.


Buying the right nitrous oxide tanks can be tricky, but if you follow these tips, you should have no problem finding the perfect tank for your needs. Make sure to keep the considerations mentioned above in mind when making your purchase, and you’ll be set! Have fun, and stay safe!

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