Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g N2O Cream Charger 60 Pieces


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Equipped with an unparalleled 2000 grams of food-grade N2O, purity tested to an exacting standard of 99.9%, the Cream Deluxe Maxxi is an industry heavyweight. Encased within a premium 100% steel shell, this colossal cylinder brings the unrivaled quality and performance of Cream Deluxe to every cocktail creation.

Our Maxxi model goes beyond size and capacity. It comes with a practical plastic handle, making it portable and perfect for any occasion. It’s not just a cream charger; it’s a statement piece.

Brighten up your mixology with our Cream Deluxe Maxxi’s signature pink and blue neon light. Bold and brilliant, this is a cream charger that refuses to be ignored.

Get a wholesale quote today and join the cream charger revolution.

Technical Product Information:

  • Contains 2000 grams of nitrous oxide – equivalent to an impressive 250 regular cream chargers.
  • Encased in a robust 100% steel shell, a testament to Cream Deluxe’s commitment to quality and durability.
  • Pure food-grade nitrous oxide, tested at 99.9% purity.
  • Features a convenient plastic handle for easy transportation.
  • Each cylinder includes 1 pressure-release nozzle.

Do you dare to go bigger and bolder? Embrace the extraordinary with the Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g – where size and style meet superior quality.


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