Cream Deluxe 666g N2O Cream Charger 6 pack


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Discover the Cream Deluxe N2O Cream Chargers, available in 666g and 2000g capacities. These revolutionary tools are transforming cocktail crafting. The 666g model holds the equivalent of over 84 regular cream chargers in a compact steel casing. It’s filled with high-purity, food-grade nitrous oxide, demonstrating our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

On the other hand, the Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g is a titan in the industry, offering 2000 grams of food-grade N2O within a robust steel shell. It comes with a handy plastic handle for portability and includes a pressure-release nozzle.

Experience the extraordinary with Cream Deluxe, where we provide not just cream chargers, but a unique mixology experience.

  • Available in 666g and 2000g capacities
  • Compact and robust 100% steel casing
  • High-purity, food-grade nitrous oxide tested at 99.9% purity
  • Each cylinder includes 1 pressure-release nozzle
  • Commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship


With Cream Deluxe, you’re not just choosing cream chargers, you’re opting for an extraordinary mixology experience.


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